one.LED wand-/deckenleuchte direkt one is unique.

one is a 4mm ultra-flat lighting series. straight design reduced to the essential.

aluminium composite used as luminaire body allows filigree forms without losing stability. furthermore, it plays a major part in the thermal management by transporting the heat to the ambience.

the integrated FSIGN[LED] technology makes one most efficient.
energy consumption of a halogen luminaire with similar light yield would be 5 times higher. one saves up to 80% energy.

easy installation is the result of the modular design. requiring no maintenance FSIGN[LED] technology is predestined for difficult to access areas.

thanks to the number of varieties almost all unconventional mounting situations can be realised.

one is variable.
one.LED ceiling spot one.LED wall / ceiling direct one.LED wall luminaire rotatable one.LED wall luminaire indirect one.LED suspension one.LED floor one.LED table